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The ZenTeam will use your electric bill to learn how much electricity you use. Then we can make an accurate recommendation on the number of solar panels you need. Take a photo or scan a recent utility bill to expedite your proposal design process. (optional)

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We will help you save money every day on something homeowners are used to auto-paying. The almighty kilowatt-hour.

Enjoy $0 UPFRONT COST on a new solar system. Our online ZenSolar Experts will customize the perfect solar system and payment plan for your lifestyle.

We only use premium solar technology with aesthetics to ensure your house remains looking beautiful.

Sit back, relax, and watch your savings grow into thousands of dollars as the ZenSolar Experts perform the heavy lifting for you.

We're on a mission to make a positive impact on the planet by reducing carbon emissions and your utility bill.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the solar industry, the ZenTeam has helped homeowners in 23 states save over $100 million in electric bills, 100% online.

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My husband and I talked to 4 different solar companies before contacting ZenSolar. We would have saved 2 weeks time and the 4 headaches that came from 4 different salespeople trying to sell us. We were happy to learn that ZenSolar could give us an accurate solar proposal online. They’re non-biased to the solar panels and the installer we wanted since they’re partnered with so many. We highly recommend talking to ZenSolar!!

C. SkoogSwitched to Solar for $0 in California

I've long been curious about getting solar panels. After many thoughts and much research, I could not be happier with my decision to go with ZenSolar. Joe and his team made me very at ease with the process and walked with me through each step of the way. 10/10 would recommend. They definitely live up to their name, as I can't think of a more "zen" like experience when it comes to getting into the solar industry and best of all, saving money!

D. NelsonSwitched to Solar for $0 in Texas

I typically get a little resentful when sales folks try to go over and above. Like, spare me your spiel (chronic introvert here).

However, the extras from ZenSolar ante making me feel more secure in my choice. That the personal connection hasn’t been severed and handed over to some other department means so much to me. I know it may not be possible to continue on this level as you scale up, but I am thoroughly enjoying how different this feels from some previous experiences I’ve had.

K. SzymanskiSwitched to Solar for $0 in Colorado

Joe is the best guy in the business. I have had solar for 6 years and have cut my bills in half! The best thing about Joe is his customer service. Never pushy and after the sale follows up with you to make sure everything is going well. ZenSolar is the way to go!

T. MillironSwitched to Solar for $0 in Maryland

I’m very pleased with my experience with ZenSolar. Joe explained my options in a very simple way over the phone and the internet which I loved. I’m very excited about saving money on my electric bill right out of the gate while doing something good for the environment.

S. AlleySwitched to Solar for $0 in Colorado

Joe and his team know solar! Their knowledge and expertise really help to make the process easy. I admire his passion to get my wife and I the perfect solar set up that fit our budget. Looking forward to the big long term savings, thanks Joe!!

M. TschidaSwitched to Solar for $0 in California

ZenSolar's digital approach to learning about going solar is a refreshing way to learn about installing solar panels. It's very easy and Joe's knowledge and passion for helping his customers is obvious when talking to him!

D. OlsonSwitched to Solar for $0 in Texas

We highly recommend ZenSolar. Joe helped me and four of my neighbors go solar. He was transparent and clear throughout the whole process.

S. MooreSwitched to Solar for $0 in California

Switch to solar energy for $0 upfront cost.

The Mission
Accelerate The United States’ Transition To Renewable Energy.
The Vision
Help Every Homeowner Switch To Solar Energy for $0 Upfront Cost.
The Goal
Create A Lasting Positive Economic and Environmental Impact.

You Can Save Money & The Planet.

The 26% federal solar energy tax credit expires this year!

Our Promises

Ensure your switch to solar is simple and easy.

Lower your utility bill as much as we can.

Help protect your home against ever-increasing utility costs.

Only provide premium solar technology with beautiful aesthetics.

Help you find the best payment option for your lifestyle.

Be your advocate and provide excellent service and transparency.

Invest in Solar for $0 upfront cost.

FICO scores as low as 650 points.

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