Solar Energy in Arizona

Phoenix solar panel installations are booming in 2020 thanks to the 26% Federal Tax Credit. It’s no secret when you live here, your air conditioning is always running because the sun is almost always shining. ZenSolar is proud to help you save money on your electric bill and increase the value of your home by investing in solar panels. You’ll pay nothing upfront, save money month to month, and secure your energy independence by owning your home’s energy production.

ZenSolar makes the process easy and leads you the whole way with 100% transparency and no strings attached. We are confident that solar makes sense for you if you own a home in the Phoenix area.

Start Saving Now

ZenSolar | Phoenix, Arizona

Get 26% Federal Tax Credit

Arizona solar customers will save a gigantic 25% on their solar panel installation from their local rebates to go along with an additional 26% from the Federal Tax Rebate on residential solar purchases. There aren’t many investments that you can make where you get 55% off upfront with zero down and month to month savings! It’s aggressive and shows how serious the state of Arizona is about solar energy.

Arizona Solar Energy Experts

We’re thrilled to help people save money on their electric bills by educating them about solar panel installations. When you’re ready to make the switch to solar, just contact us and attach a recent electric bill. We use your electric bill to design your home’s solar system. Our promise is to never pressure you into going solar, but to educate you about the investment and process.

Costs of Solar Panels in Phoenix

If you own a home in Arizona and have a 650 FICO score, you’re approved to invest in solar with zero money down and a low fixed payment.