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Introducing Hanwha Q Cells

You will find a lot of variation across the many solar modules available on the market. Most solar manufacturers target a specific characteristic that they want a given module to excel in, which allows them to create a niche for that model. Hanwha Q Cells, in contrast, has blazed a bold path striving for the best performance in every important trait of a module. Q Cells is a market leader in linear performance warranty, module efficiency, and module reliability. All three characteristics are critical elements in determining how a solar panel will perform in the long run. Your modules have to produce power efficiently over the lifetime of your solar array to get the return you were promised at purchase. Q Cells will guarantee your return on investment and provide you peace of mind.

German Engineering, South Korean R & D, and American Manufacturing

Hanwha Q Cells boasts incredible research and development processes and unsurpassed quality control practices. Their ground-breaking Q.ANTUM technology, which maximizes energy output, has been racking up European awards for several years running. Q Cells secured the last six EuPD Research Top Brand awards, and two awards from Intersolar 2018.

Q Cells modules are engineered at their headquarters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany, where the new models also undergo rigorous examination. Q Cells carries out its own testing process, called Q. TESTED, which is more than twice as thorough as global testing standards. Modules are then manufactured at one of Hanwha’s facilities in the United States, South Korea, or Malaysia. Every module that’s made is screened for defects to ensure it will produce as promised for the lifetime of the warranty, if not longer.

A Warranty You Can Lean On For Decades

The importance of your module’s warranty is too often overlooked. A solar array is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Even the highest quality modules, like Hanwha Q Cells, can occasionally run into minor issues. Fortunately, Hanwha backs their modules with a strong 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty.

Having a comprehensive warranty means you’re protected if your cells end up producing less than they were expected to at any point during the next 25 years. A performance warranty is critical to receiving a good return on your investment. Q Cells are guaranteed to operate at 97% of their initial capacity at the end of their first year and to degrade by no more than .6% every year after that. By year 25, your modules will still be pumping out power at 83% of their original efficiency or higher. Not bad after two and a half decades of exposure to mother nature.

Bankability Backed by $150 Billion

The main reason you have to be very selective about which solar module manufacturer you choose to buy from is because the solar industry is young. A new solar manufacturer may not be around to honor your warranty 5 years down the road, let alone 25. That’s a risk that isn’t worth taking when you’re talking about an important long term investment. It’s best to work with an experienced, established manufacturer, like Hanwha Q Cells. Hanwha made its official full-scale entrance to the solar industry back in 2010, and its parent company, the Hanwha Group, is a stable, diversified corporation that was established in 1952. The Hanwha Group has an estimated $150 billion in assets. That’s the kind of support you’re looking for to ensure your warranty will be honored.

The Most Trusted Module Worldwide – Q.PEAK G5 – 295-310

There are a number of important factors that affect the performance of a solar module. Subpar performance in just one area can have seriously detrimental effects on your energy production over a 25-year period. That’s why solar installers in the United States, Europe, and Australia have come to rely on the Q.PEAK G5. It’s a workhorse that you can depend on to perform in every important category.

Boasting up to 19.3% efficiency thanks to Q.ANTUM technology, the Q.PEAK G5 produces more energy in a smaller surface area than most modules. It also performs exceptionally well in low-light environments, and high heat—two conditions in which other modules suffer. The sturdy aluminum alloy frame allows the Q.PEAK G5 to stand up to heavy snowpacks and high wind loads. And in the rare case that you do run into a problem, you’re protected by Q CELLS comprehensive, 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty. Going solar is an important financial decision. Invest in a module that will deliver predictable, long term results.

Delivering Performance, Protection, and Dependability

Throughout the life of their products, Q Cells puts in the time to make sure you have the best possible experience with their modules. From innovative and thorough research and development practices to 25 years of warranty support for your purchase, they have you covered at every turn. When it comes to offering stable, productive products, few solar companies can compete with Q Cells.

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