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Panasonic HIT

Having developed its first solar cell in 1975, Panasonic is one of the pioneers of the solar
industry. Over the following two decades, Panasonic would innovate and refine its solar
technology, eventually bringing its first residential solar modules to market in 1994. Three years
later, Panasonic delivered a revolutionary new module called HIT. This module featured ground-
breaking, highly-efficient Heterojunction technology, which Panasonic has continued to improve
upon and still uses in its HIT modules to this day.

Elite Module Efficiency

At more than 19% efficient, Panasonic HIT modules outperform conventional modules by leaps
and bounds, and rival or surpass most of Panasonic’s competitors. Efficiency is a critical
characteristic of any module and has important implications for a homeowner’s long-term
savings. HIT will help your home convert more solar energy into electricity with fewer modules.
Fewer modules mean a lower upfront cost and ample roof space for potential expansion down
the road.

Unmatched Performance in Hot Weather

Though a hot and sunny day provides an abundance of solar energy, it can also spell
performance decline for your solar array. If you have conventional modules, your energy
production is likely to plummet. This is because most modules become less efficient as their
temperature increases. However, if you have Panasonic HIT modules, you don’t have to worry
about a significant loss of production on hot days. Heterojunction is one of the only technologies
on the market which provides production that is practically the same on hot days as on
temperate days. This is an often-overlooked concern when shopping for solar. A conventional
module might have a low upfront cost, but you may be sacrificing efficiency on the most
important days of the year for getting a strong return on your investment.

Heterojunction Technology in Detail

Conventional solar cell technologies fail to capitalize on all the solar energy that is within their
reach. Panasonic’s Heterojunction technology takes multiple steps to ensure that as little energy
is wasted as possible. Dual amorphous silicon layers are situated at the front and back of the
cell to capture electrode energy before it exits the module. An advanced bifacial feature
captures energy which is reflected off the back sheet. In conventional panels, this small but
significant amount of excess energy is lost. Metal tabs on the face of the cell have also been
thinned, multiplied and optimized to enhance energy transmission efficiency.

Quality That’s Proven

Investing in solar modules is an important investment, you want to know that your manufacturer
has decades of experience so that their module performance has been assessed over time.
After all, realizing the maximum return on your system requires it to function properly for twenty
years or more. Panasonic has more than twenty years of experience manufacturing its HIT
modules. That’s a healthy amount of time to work out any shortcomings or imperfections.
Panasonic also puts their modules through twenty rigorous internal tests in addition to industry-
standard tests. HIT modules also feature enhanced durability because of a newly strengthened
frame and newly optimized design to drain moisture away from the module. When choosing the right solar equipment for your home, be sure to consider whether it’s worth taking a chance on
products that haven’t been proven. A safe investment in an established manufacturer like
Panasonic may be a better fit for your needs.

One of the Industry’s Leading Warranties

A solar module’s warranty coverage is as important as the performance of the module itself.
Panasonic offers a standard 25-year workmanship warranty and an impressive 25-year
performance warranty. The workmanship warranty covers structural and functional defects of
the system, while the performance warranty guarantees a certain amount of efficiency is
retained by the module. HIT modules are guaranteed to provide 90.76% efficiency after 25
years, which is among the best degradation speeds in the industry. Modules that retain high
efficiency over decades deliver substantially more production than modules that degrade
rapidly. Panasonic’s stellar performance warranty elevates the value of their HIT modules

A Century-Old Company to Back Your Warranty

A warranty is only as valuable as the company that backs it. A young solar manufacturer can go
out of business overnight, leaving homeowners stranded without warranties for the next twenty
years. Panasonic is a financially strong, diversified company which was founded in 1918. You
can feel certain that Panasonic will be around to honor your warranty period in its entirety.

A Tremendous Value

Panasonic HIT modules offer all the features of premium modules, yet their cost-per-panel lands
in the middle of the solar module price range. Thanks to ultra-efficient Heterojunction technology
and a superior heating coefficient, HIT modules produce more energy in less space, and you
can be assured your modules will perform for decades without fail because of Panasonic’s vast
manufacturing experience. HIT modules offer one of the best values on the market which is why
installers across the country have come to rely on them.

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