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Introduction to SunPower

ZenSolar works with SunPower to provide a comprehensive solar solution that’s efficient, dependable, and cost-effective. SunPower, founded more than three decades ago, is one of the most experienced solar module manufacturers in the world. Their patented Maxeon® Technology has allowed SunPower to develop panels that produce more energy than industry averages while occupying less roof space. 

SunPower has simplified the process of switching to solar by developing Equinox, a turnkey solar solution for homeowners. The Equinox System bundles every hardware and software component your home needs into a single streamlined system. 

Equinox is covered by SunPower’s 25-year parts, labor and performance warranty. It’s the only fully integrated solar solution designed, engineered, and warranted by one manufacturer. For homeowners that are looking for simplicity and total peace-of-mind when going solar, Equinox is a terrific option. 

Equinox System

The Equinox System is an end-to-end solar solution which includes modules, micro-inverters, racking, and online monitoring, all provided by SunPower to ensure terrific quality. Every component is designed to fit together seamlessly, creating a sleek appearance and eliminating unnecessary hardware. The final product is a powerful, compact and cost-effective system that bypasses the hurdles which are common with systems made up of components from numerous manufacturers.

Modules Options:

A Series, X Series, and E Series modules are all compatible with the Equinox System. 


SunPower uses premier micro-inverters to turn DC power to AC power at the panel level. This eliminates the need to have a traditional inverter mounted to the side of your house, which takes up more space and increases installation costs.


The Equinox System includes SunPower InvisiMount racking. These dependable, low-profile racks create a sleek look for your system and offer peace of mind knowing they can weather any storm that your roof can handle. Their versatile design allows them to be easily mounted to virtually any roof angle.

Online Monitoring:

EnergyLink is a monitoring software that communicates with your solar hardware to collect and organize your energy production data. You can log into EnergyLink’s online platform with any web-enabled device to view how much energy your system is producing, and how much energy you’re using versus how much you send back to the grid. 


Maxeon® Technology

Maxeon® Technology has allowed SunPower to develop a solar cell that is more efficient and more resilient than a traditional cell. Conventional cells feature thin metal strips on the front of the cell which expand and contract with temperature shifts, accelerating cell degradation over time and blocking sunlight from reaching the cell. 

SunPower set out to build a cell that eliminates these drawbacks. The Maxeon cell is built on a solid copper foundation, leaving the front of the cell totally free absorb more light. The copper foundation also provides terrific durability. Because of Maxeon’s advantages, SunPower’s line of solar modules lead the industry in power performance.


Elite Solar Modules

A-Series 400 – 425 Watt Module

For homeowners that want to produce the maximum amount of power for their property, the SunPower A-Series module may be the perfect option. This 400-watt panel is one of the highest-producing modules on the market. It features Generation 5 Maxeon cells which are larger than previous generations, allowing them to generate even more power per cell. 

  • Impressive 21% efficiency or higher
  • Includes factory-integrated micro-inverter
  • Supported by SunPower’s industry-leading Combined Power and Product Warranty


X-Series – 335-Watt Signature™ Black and 345-Watt Module

The X-Series, a slightly smaller module than the A-Series, provides the ideal solution for roofs with limited space. The X Series is also an optimal panel for homeowners that expect to expand their solar system in the future. The X-Series is offered in a sleek black option to provide a modern and aesthetic look.

  • Boasts terrific 21% efficiency or higher
  • Black option blends in with dark roofs
  • Supported by SunPower’s industry-leading Combined Power and Product Warranty


E-Series – 327-Watt and 320-Watt Module

The E-Series is an affordable panel that still delivers industry-leading efficiency by harnessing Maxeon® Technology. For homeowners that are looking for a terrific value, the dependable E Series may be the right option.

  • Terrific 20% efficiency or more
  • Designed to handle real-world conditions like shading and high-temperature coefficients
  • Supported by SunPower’s industry-leading Combined Power and Product Warranty


Industry-Leading 25-Year Warranty

Equinox offers a major strength that other manufacturers don’t provide: every component of the solution is covered by SunPower’s industry-leading complete system 25-year warranty. 

Performance, labor, and parts are all included, even removal of the defective hardware, and the cost to ship the new part. The performance warranty guarantees no more than 8% power decline after 25 years, which is incredible compared to industry averages.

Solar systems that are comprised of hardware from numerous manufacturers can create headaches when you try to determine which company has to honor a warranty in the event that a component fails. Equinox offers a simple and effective solution to this issue.


A Strong History of Growth, Innovation, and Bankability

SunPower has been driving what’s possible in solar for more than thirty years. The company is publicly traded and backed by TOTAL, the world’s 4th largest public energy company. Unlike many companies in the solar industry, SunPower has the financial strength and experience to support their warranties years down the road. Long term warranty support is a critical part of deciding which solar system will provide the most lifetime value for your home.

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