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SolarEdge: An Industry Mainstay

Founded in 2006, SolarEdge is an established and well-regarded name in the solar industry. The company set out to make harnessing solar energy more efficient by configuring systems in a smarter way. Their breakthrough came with a product called a Power Optimizer and an enhanced inverter specifically designed to work with the Optimizers.

SolarEdge is known as a hard-hitting innovator. Their approach to making solar systems as flexible, powerful, and efficient as possible is unmatched in the industry. They offer an integrated package of equipment that comes together to provide the homeowner with terrific value for their investment. SolarEdge also has its own web-based software which allows you to see how much energy your system is producing or has produced in the past. Lastly, SolarEdge backs its products with comprehensive, competitive warranties.

SolarEdge DC Power Optimizers Changed the Game

Power Optimizers are small power converters that attach onto the back of every module in a solar array. The Optimizer regulates the energy of your solar system at the module level, ensuring each module produces its own maximum amount of power. A significant shortcoming of traditional single-strand solar arrays is that if one module is underperforming due to shading or module failure, the performance of the entire string suffers. Power Optimizers resolve this issue and deliver several more benefits to boot.

Power Optimizers are wired directly to an inverter which gives installers ample flexibility when deciding how to mount your array. For example, Power Optimizers make it possible to mount modules in a staggered formation, which is the most effective setup for some homes. This can result in greater overall energy production and a reduction in costs. Power Optimizers also allow you to locate the exact module where a problem is occurring. Knowing instantly which module is causing an issue, rather than taking the time to investigate an entire string, will save you time and money if you need a repair. In a number of ways, Power Optimizers play an important role in helping installers design the right solar array for your home so you can reap the maximum reward from your system.

Single Phase Inverters with HD Wave Technology

SolarEdge Power Optimizers relay electricity from your solar panels to an inverter. The inverter converts the energy from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC), so that it can be used in your home. SolarEdge has been an industry leader in inverter manufacturing for several years. Their Single Phase Inverter, which is specifically designed to work with Power Optimizers, is smaller, safer, and more efficient than traditional inverters. Their proprietary HD Wave Technology synthesizes the electrical current, allowing the Single Phase inverter to be made with less hardware and cooling components. This makes for a smaller inverter that’s cheap to mount because it only requires a single person to install it. The Single Phase inverter is 99.9% efficient. When you pair SolarEdge Power Optimizers with it, installers can tailor your solar array to your home to maximize production and enhance security.

The Industry’s Most Powerful Monitoring Platform

SolarEdge provides a web-based monitoring application for free during the first 25 years after your installation. The application, called Monitoring Platform, offers incredible visibility into your system’s production data. You can log into the app with any web-enabled device to see how much energy your system is producing in real-time, or in weekly, monthly or yearly charts and graphics. Monitoring Platform also alerts you and your solar professional immediately in the event that one of your modules becomes damaged or if an area is under-performing due to shading issues. This allows for rapid diagnosis and repair so your system is back up and running as soon as possible. Monitoring Platform is set up when your inverter is installed. The Single Phase inverter is connected to the internet by wifi or SIM card, and it communicates data collected by your Power Optimizers and inverter to the Monitoring Platform.

A Name You Can Trust

SolarEdge has developed a respected name in the solar industry. Not only do they offer unique systems that give homeowners the opportunity to maximize the potential of their property, but SolarEdge backs up their products with stout warranties too. Power Optimizers are supported by a 25-year warranty, and the Single Phase inverter is supported by a 12-year warranty. The value of any solar product is strongly tied to its warranty.

It takes years to realize the full potential of your solar investment. If a product fails and isn’t covered by warranty, paying to fix the issue does serious detriment to your energy portfolio. Fortunately, SolarEdge provides comprehensive warranties, and unlike many of the younger solar manufacturers, they are a financially strong, publicly-traded company. You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing they’ll be around to honor your warranty for decades.

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