Solar Energy in Illinois

Illinois is benefiting from a new energy standard that is requiring the state to generate 1/4 of their solar energy from renewable sources by 2025. This new energy standard has bolstered the solar industry in Chicago, which is expected to grow by 1,700% over the next 5 years. ZenSolar is focused on providing homeowners in Chicago and the surrounding areas with the ultimate peace of mind going solar through our simple 4 step process.  

Chicago has a unique solar panel installation incentive program that allows customers to sell their surplus energy to their local utility providers for cash (see more details below).  Homeowners also get the 26% Federal Tax Incentive which will be reduced after this year. Now is the time to go solar!

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Claim Your 26% Solar Tax Credit

Illinois is one of the few states where you can get cash for your surplus solar output. This means that as a homeowner using solar panels, during the months where you create more energy than you consume, you can sell your energy to Illinois utility companies for cash. This program was built to help Chicago and Illinois reach their renewable and solar energy goals. Their major goal is generating 25% of their total electricity from renewable sources by 2025. To read about the entire SREC program in Illinois, click here.

Let the Best Solar Power Company in Chicago Guide You

ZenSolar was founded in Austin and quickly expanded into the Chicago area to help residents and business owners simplify the process of going solar. Illinois is a great state to install solar panels due to the great incentives both at the state and federal level. If you have any questions contact us anytime and we’ll happily lead you through the process of going solar in Illinois!

Cost of Solar Panels in Chicago

If you own a home in Chicago and have a 650 credit score or higher, then financing your solar investment is simple. When you send us your electric bill we’ll break down all the numbers so you can easily see how much money you’ll save immediately and over next 20+ years.