How Solar Power Works

  • 1. Solar panels create kilowatt-hours (kWh) out of light from the sun.

  • 2. Inverters turn the DC electricity into AC electricity which powers your home.

  • 3. Sell your excess solar power to your utility through a net-metering rate plan.


4 Easy Steps To Switch

Your Online Consultation

A ZenSolar Online Solar Expert will review a tailor-made solar plan built for your lifestyle.

Site Survey

After your online consultation, a field technician will visit your home to verify the custom design.


Sit back and relax while the ZenTeam files for permits and performs the heavy lifting. Your solar installation usually takes one day.


Upon utility approval, turn your system on and start sending your solar energy back on the grid.

Solar FAQs

Do I own the equipment or does the installer?

We offer both options.  You can either own the equipment yourself or the installer can.  It comes down to what fits your lifestyle the best.  Your online ZenSolar Expert will help you choose the perfect fit.

What happens if I move?

We understand you might not live in the same house for the next 25 years.  Your solar system simply transfers to the new owner.  Just like your utility bill does.

What happens to my electric bill?

Your new utility bill will simply track how much energy your solar panels generated and how much energy you used for the month. If you generated an surplus of electricity, depending on your local utility’s solar program, the savings typically carry over to the next month and are available to use for the calendar year.

Do my panels come with a warranty?

Yes! All of our residential solar installations come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 10 year installation warranty. We only carry the best solar products available, which are designed to handle harsh weather conditions and still hold up. If any damage occurs, we’ll make sure to take care of you!

How long does it take to go solar?

Obtaining a permit usually takes 2 to 3 weeks and the installation of your solar system will only take a day or two. We will lead you through the whole process and help you fill out and file all of the necessary paperwork.

Can I add more solar panels in the future?

Installing microinverters with your solar panels will allow you to add panels any time in the future.  Using a standalone inverter does not.

Do I need a battery storage system?

Most residential solar installations don’t need battery storage because your system will be connected to the grid. That being said, if you live in an area where blackouts are common then we can help you with your own energy storage solution.

What happens at night or when it's cloudy?

Modern solar panels work well and maintain high levels of efficiency, even when it’s cloudy. Photons from the sun still pass through clouds and will generate electricity for your house. At night, your surplus of generated energy from the day is used through the grid.

How much money will I really save?

You will save money every day with solar.  The typical homeowner will save around $20,000 in utility costs over a 25-year period.

I want to switch to solar energy!

Monitor Your Solar Energy

Once your solar system is up and running, download our monitoring app on your device. It allows you to track the systems performance in real time, check out trends over time and lets you know if there are any issues.

Receive a 26% federal tax credit

You can get 26% off your solar installation with $0 upfront cost. Act now because next year it’s reduced to 22%!