Colorado Solar Panel Installation

If you own a home in Colorado, chances are you’ve noticed how many solar panels have been getting installed around here lately. Colorado is one of the most solar-friendly places in the US, with more days of sunshine than any other state, a net metering policy that ensures you get credit for the excess energy your system produces, and solar incentives to help you make the decision even easier.

We have over 300 days of sunshine and we were one of the first states to initiate a Renewable Energy Standard. Colorado is serious about solar and we’re serious about making sure you have a solar panel partner committed to helping you along the entire solar panel installation process.

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Get a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit in Colorado

Colorado has a wide range of solar incentives that vary based on your area and utility provider. Every homeowner in Colorado gets a 26% Federal Tax Rebate on their solar panel installations, solar customers in Colorado will pay zero in sales tax and their property taxes won’t increase although their home values will increase. To learn about incentives in your city please contact us today!

An Online Colorado Solar Energy Company

ZenSolar was officially founded in Austin, but we consider Colorado our true home. Our founding members are from Colorado and it was our 2nd official office location. We’re confident that once you understand how solar works and how much you’ll save, you’ll want your home in Colorado to have solar panels installed on it right away.

How Much Does Solar Cost in Colorado?

To invest in solar panels on your Colorado home, all you need is a 650 FICO score and zero down. You’ll start saving money immediately.