Kyocera Solar Panels

ZenSolar Rating: Standard

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Kyocera was founded in 1959 and has been making solar panels since the 1980’s. You’ve probably heard of Kyocera before because along with solar panels they manufacture industrial ceramics, telecom equipment, electric components, office equipment, semi-conductors, and medical devices. Kyocera is a considered an economy brand when it comes to their solar modules. We like to recommend solar panels that come from companies 100% focused on solar products, and while Kyocera makes a decent solar panels we typically recommend other options.

Efficiency: 14.8% – 16.1%

What does solar panel efficiency mean?

Solar panel efficiency means how much sunlight hits the panels and gets converted to electricity. What makes solar panels different from one another is the amount of electricity it generates. The greater the efficiency, the higher the solar energy generation. Greater efficiency usually equates to higher solar panel costs.

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